Finding the optimal innovation partner for system integrators


The most important things to consider when choosing your CCTV solution for maritime application

Whether constructing a cargo ship, tanker, ferry or cruise ship, the first and foremost priority of any shipyard should always be safety.

A reliable innovation partner will work closely with system integrators to create a comprehensive solution that satisfies your client’s current requirements and facilitates cost efficient options for future development.

As we work or way towards meeting the IMO 2030 carbon emissions goals, shipping companies and ship owners worldwide are implementing or planning to implement smart ship technology to remain relevant in the global market.

Building a solid smart ship solution requires more than simply finding a way to get all the pieces of a vast network, software and hardware puzzle working together. To be able to offer clients the optimal solution over time, system integrators should aim to harmonize all links in the value chain – ensuring that they all work together.

Step one in this process is finding a supplier with the experience and expertise to be more than your average box pusher – what you need is a trusted technology and innovation partner.

Download ebook: Implementing smart ship technology to reach IMO2030/2050 emissions targets

The right product the first time


Whereas any supplier could fulfill a list of specifications, a technology and innovation partner will work hard to understand the bigger picture, provide added value and reduce costs where possible.

While the maritime industries demand a certain level of standardization – due to production costs and industry regulations – your innovation partner can help you find solutions that meet your individual clients’ custom needs.

"The goal is to find the right product the first time."


Rather than simply providing a shipment of individual components, an innovation partner will work closely with system integrators and OEMs to create a comprehensive solution that not only satisfies your client’s current requirements but also facilitates cost-efficient options for future development.


Flexible logistics routines


Although offering services, expertise and consultation provide added value to the partnership, a technology and innovation partner must still offer quality and reliability in its core function as a component supplier.

Suppliers should offer flexible logistics routines that may be tailored to each client’s specific needs and ensure that all products are shipped with the correct markings and packaging according to the customer agreement.

This applies to both single shipments and multiple deliveries for an extended period.


The characteristics of a reliable innovation partner

When choosing your innovation partner, always consider the range of core functions offered. A broad range of in-house services and functions provides an added layer of security in the partnership between supplier and system integrator – and will ultimately benefit the end-user.


A reliable innovation partner will be able to offer:

  • Technical support for off-the-shelf products
  • R&D support
  • A guarantee that the provided solution supports and facilitates future development needs.
  • Quality control function ensuring that all links of the value chain – from the to delivery – operates according to the customer agreement
  • Sales personnel with technical expertise and knowledge of the market and its current challenges
  • A project manager with relevant expertise, who understands his clients’ challenges and knows how to solve them


Your chosen partner should strive to offer help and consultation beyond its core functions – cooperating to streamline everything from production to distribution to project management and implementation of the solution.


In short, a reliable technology and innovation partner should provide expertise, security, and continuity – in addition to the hardware components included in your smart ship solution.

Download ebook: Implementing smart ship technology to reach IMO2030/2050 emissions targets

A trusted partner and reliable supplier

Hatteland Technology is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of hardware, network, and infrastructure to the maritime industries.

With 30 years of experience, a worldwide service network, and an unmatched product catalog we strive to always go the extra mile – working closely with our partners and clients and sharing our extensive experience and expertise to find the optimal solution for each project.

Our goal is to be a trusted partner and a reliable supplier in a rapidly changing market.



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