Naval and defense: Meet your partner for rugged IT hardware


The most important things to consider when choosing your CCTV solution for maritime application

Whether constructing a cargo ship, tanker, ferry or cruise ship, the first and foremost priority of any shipyard should always be safety.

With decades of industry experience under our belt, we’re prepared to take on any challenge.  

If you’ve spent some time at sea, chances are you’ve peered into one of our nautical bridge monitors, electronic chart- or tactical tables, perhaps without realising.

As we have done far more manufacturing than branding, you might be surprised to learn we’ve supplied more than 50 000 units to naval fleets around the world, and that we’re the world's leading supplier of rugged IT hardware to the maritime industry.

Read on to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Hatteland Technology in brief

Hatteland Technology is a supplier of industrial IT hardware. We provide digital infrastructure to all sorts of naval vessels, ranging from submarines to patrol boats.

Our headquarters are in Aksdal, Norway. This is where the bulk of our hardware is developed and manufactured. We also have a strong presence in the Oslo region, and several sales offices, agents, and distributors across the globe.


The illustration says that Hatteland Technology has more than 30 years of experience from the maritime industry, employs 200 people in six countries and has supplied 50 000 units to naval fleets.


What we offer and how we work

Hatteland Technology provides rugged IT hardware you can rely on in the harshest of environments. Our solutions comprise specialised marine monitors, panel computers, client computers & servers, network switches, and CCTV cameras.

Our customers are key defense industry system integrators who supply onboard systems such navigation bridge systems (IBS), automation (IPMS) or combat systems (C4i).


A naval ship is viewed diagonally from the front. The illustration points out where Hatteland Technology's products can be used, and for what kinds of vessels.

We have an extensive off-the-shelf-products portfolio (COTS) that will cover most of your requirements on board. In addition, we offer customized products – for those applications where something non-standard is the only option.

Or perhaps you need an entire system? No problem. We’ll work with you to ensure both the scope and delivered solution are perfectly attuned to your demands, whether for conventional navigation and automation requirements, or for combat platforms.


The illustration shows what Hatteland Technologyy can offer. First, most of our products are marine and/or MIL tested. We also offer off-the-shelf, and customised products. We can also be a system partner and supply complete systems.

Many of Hatteland Technology's products are tested and certified in accordance with marine or military standards.


Your technology partner for the toughest tasks

When we say we’re a technology partner, we have the track record to back it up: Approximately 50 percent of our products are customized. 

For decades, we’ve embraced the most challenging requests, delivering solutions to customer requirements. Our approach means we’re routinely innovating and introducing never-before-seen solutions, such as our state-of-the-art suite of high-resolution, large-screen tactical tables.

That is why the world’s leading naval systems integrators trust Hatteland Technology’s solutions.


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