When Elpro was contracted to refurbish Hurtigruten they turned to Hatteland Technology for their CCTV needs


The most important things to consider when choosing your CCTV solution for maritime application

Whether constructing a cargo ship, tanker, ferry or cruise ship, the first and foremost priority of any shipyard should always be safety.

Outfitting a handful of Norway’s most famous seafaring vessels with tailor-made CCTV systems is just the most recent chapter in a successful partnership spanning two decades.

Whether to venture deep into the Norwegian fjords, catch a glimpse of the Northern lights or explore the arctic seas approximately 400.000 tourists flock to Bergen, on the Western coast of Norway, every year – to set sail with the esteemed Hurtigruten.

Dubbed “The world’s most beautiful voyage”, Hurtigruten has been a staple along the Norwegian Coast since 1893,

Due to its ever-increasing popularity and economic importance, both locally and for the nation as a whole, it is imperative that Hurtigruten upholds the highest standards when it comes to quality and safety.

So, when acclaimed shipyard Fosen Yard secured the contract to refurbish several of the fleet’s vessels, they enlisted the expertise of their trusted partner, Elpro – one of Norway’s leading providers of electro-technical solutions to the offshore and maritime industries.

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More than three decades of experience

Boasting more than 40 years of industrial and maritime experience, Elpro prides themselves on providing highly advanced and complex electro-technical solutions tailor-made to tackle even the most challenging conditions.

Operating without any geographical restrictions, Elpro sends their technicians on assignments worldwide, working on-site on everything from cruise ships to passenger ferries all across the globe.

– What makes Elpro unique is our broad area of expertise, acquired through three decades of building, refurbishing and maintaining a broad range of marine vessels, says Jan Arve Monsen, Technical Manager at Elpro Electro AS.

This area of expertise is broadened even further due to the fact that Elpro manufactures and supplies the majority of the components they use in their own factory.

– For our customers, this means that if, for instance, a bridge console needs adjustments or customization we have the means to make those adjustments directly in our factory, which significantly reduces production time.

About Elpro:

  • Founded in 1975
  • More than 40 years of industrial and maritime knowledge
  • 135 employees, of which approximately 40 are employed in maritime and offshore services
  • Norway’s leading provider of marine switchboards and bridge consoles
  • Partner of Hatteland Technology (previously Elektronix) for more than 20 years


A long-lasting partnership

Although most components are manufactured internally, Elpro still relies on trusted partners to provide them with certain parts that are integral to their solutions.

One of these integral parts is the CCTV system, which is provided by Hatteland Technology. Depending on the project Elextronix has supplied Elpro with everything from basic camera set-ups to complete CCTV solutions that includes cameras, computers, monitors and rack servers, along with Panel PC and Milestone VMS software.

– Hatteland Technology has been our preferred partner and supplier of CCTV systems for 20 years now. We are confident in their expertise and ability to deliver a product that satisfies our high demands regarding quality, says Monsen.

– They have a wealth of knowledge and experience working on maritime projects and a long list of references. We know that Hatteland Technology can provide us with a quality system that works as intended and that they will be there to help should an issue occur.

Elpro originally partnered with what was then known as Com-Scan Norway back in the late 90s, and continued relations with Hatteland Technology when the two companies merged in 2013.

Monsen estimates that Elpro and Hatteland Technology (and previously Elektronix) have collaborated on at least 25 projects in the last 20 years – most recently on the Hurtigruten project.

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Choosing the correct equipment

– Hurtigruten requested CCTV cameras for all their systems and specifically asked for AXIS, a system provided by Hatteland Technology.

Working with their client, Elpro’s specialists analyzed Hurtigruten’s specific needs and comprised a list detailing the cameras needed for each of the ships and the environment in which they would be located.

– Based on our specifications Hatteland Technology put together a complete CCTV solution for each individual vessel and chose the correct equipment for each environment, whether the cameras would be located in the machine room, in hazardous areas on the deck or in dry areas inside, explains Monsen.

So far, Elpro has refurbished five vessels in the Hurtigruten fleet. Two more vessels are currently on order and yet another one is in the works.

– All of these projects have gone off without a hitch, and Hatteland Technology has once again proved why they are our preferred CCTV systems supplier, Monsen notes.


– Every project is unique

Although their international fame might make the Hurtigruten refurbishments might be some of the more prestigious vessels Elpro has been working on lately, Monsen is quick to point out the wide range of projects his company undertakes.

– We’ve built everything from cruise ships to vessels used in the offshore industry, he says.

– Every project is unique, which is why we rely on suppliers we know we can trust regardless of a project’s individual specifications.

That trust is built not only through collaboration but also through honesty and communication.

– Hatteland Technology has a lot of expertise in their field, but at the same time, they have no quarrels about suggesting a different option if they don’t feel confident that they can deliver the quality we both strive for and expect. I think that kind of honesty is important in order to maintain and further develop our long-lasting partnership, says Monsen.

Download ebook: Implementing smart ship technology to reach IMO2030/2050 emissions targets

Rewarding and educational

Looking back on the last 20 years Monsen describes Elpro’s partnership with Hatteland Technology as being both rewarding and educational.

– This partnership with Hatteland Technology has helped us acquire a certain level of knowledge and expertise regarding these products and solutions, he says.

– And that knowledge and expertise have contributed to us solidifying our position as a competent and reliable supplier and installer of CCTV systems, acquiring new customers and growing and expanding our client base.

Anders Bjerketveit, Senior Key Account Manager at Hatteland Technology, echoes Monsen’s sentiment:

– Our journey with Elpro has been great! Elpro and their team have been open and eager to learn, and I believe that is key in our line of business.

Bjerketveit, who is Elpro’s main contact point at Hatteland Technology, believes one of the main reasons for the two companies’ joint success is a long and strong relationship based on trust and a mutual belief that, when working together, they can tailor the right solution for any given project.

– Together we can and must ensure the best solution for the vessel owner and the people working on and with the vessel when in active operations. Working with Elpro it’s clear that this is a goal both companies share, he concludes.

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